Artificial Intelligence

Based on data from both social media and blockchains, running with the latest transformer neural networks

  • Backtested predictions on moonshot token performance
  • Automated contract code auditing and testing
  • Live crypto news aggregation and AI summarization
  • Social media sentiment analysis aggregation
  • GPT-3 Powered Crypto Chatbots

Expert analytics

24/7 dedicated team of proven crypto experts providing supplemental analysis

  • Token information aggregated from all major sources, such as CoinMarketCap, Reddit, Twitter, and more
  • A team of 24/7 proven crypto experts providing analysis on token whitepapers, team rating, performance predictions, and more, all aided by AI

Unrivaled Portfolio Growth

Backtested and highly profitable ROI

  • Apollo consistently outperforms other services such as TokenSniffer, RugScreen, and BSCheck
  • Save time and enjoy profitable investments via curated lists of moonshot tokens and other investments